I offer in-person and telehealth (New York and Florida) therapy to adults and couples that primarily draws on psychodynamic (i.e., how our past influences the present and future), cognitive behavioral (i.e., symptom reduction may arise from changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors) and person-centered (i.e., the therapist’s empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard may lead the patient to discover solutions to their own problems and move closer to reaching their full potential) therapies. I believe that my integrative approach facilitates my ability to listen to patients with my “third ear,” a dedicated practice of perceiving the implicit emotional subtext of directly expressed thoughts and feelings. Together, we will seek to better understand the challenges that brought you into treatment, identify specific interventions to address them, and work towards growing your self-esteem.

I am a culturally sensitive and LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist who has years of experience treating people with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, childhood trauma, and executive functioning difficulties. You can read more about what some of my patients have said about their work with me on my ZocDoc profile.